What we do

The OCIM group operates on the Real Estate and Precious Metals markets through two dedicated operational entities, OCIM Investissements and OCIM Precious Metals, controlled by the same holding company, OCIM Finance.

Holding Company

OCIM group is owned and managed by OCIM Finance, which acts as a holding company and provides resources and finance to its dedicated subsidiaries.

OCIM Finance is fully owned by the Mathiot family and is managed by third-generation family member Laurent Mathiot, who serves as group CEO.

Beyond controlling its subsidiaries, OCIM Finance engages in active management of its financial assets and trade instruments such as option derivatives, FOREX currencies, and structured investments.

Real Estate Investments

OCIM Investissements is OCIM group’s dedicated real estate investment subsidiary.

OCIM Investissements specializes in the opportunistic acquisition and renovation of apartments in the most desired areas of downtown Paris, with a focus on the famous « golden triangle ».

Once an apartment has been refurbished with high-end interior design, it is listed for rent and eventual sale, depending on the specific circumstances.

These investments and refurbishments are undertaken with the resources of the OCIM group, with its extensive experience in residential real estate and its own equity financing.

Precious Metals Merchant & Financier

The fastest growing subsidiary of the OCIM group is the Geneva-based OCIM Precious Metals (« OPM »), a global Precious Metals Merchant and Financier focused on coinage metals gold and silver.

As a merchant OPM trades metals across the value chain:

Excellence in purchasing gold and silver is at the core of the value creation of OPM’s business model. OPM has derived specific strategies, including prepayments to producers, which allows both parties to benefit from a transaction: producers may obtain fast, straightforward and non-dilutive funding for working capital purposes and OPM is in a position to purchase metals at a financing discount from the market price.

This mutually beneficial proposition allows parties to build long term business relationships.

OPM has developed a proprietary trading expertise on the financial markets to support all its merchant and investment activities, largely for hedging and risk management purposes rather than for speculative ventures.

As a rule, OPM does not take directional bets on the future evolution of prices: its objective is to achieve sustainable profitability from trades in all market scenarios, bullish or bearish.

As a Financier, OPM invests through a variety of financing instruments across the value chain, providing « Mezzanine » capital to the trade:

Operating under the guiding philosophy of providing win-win solutions to all parties, OPM strives always to be flexible and creative in order to optimize financings on a customized basis, while also providing swift execution and funding once a term sheet is signed.