Elena Clarici

Chief Investment Officer

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Elena supports OCIM Precious Metals in its Investment Management activity.

Elena is an accomplished professional in the mining investment sector, where she has held several positions at City of London financial institutions, focusing principally on investment management in natural resources and emerging markets. Drawing on her experience as a mining equity analyst, portfolio manager and then CEO of a mining company, Elena has developed a unique and comprehensive understanding of the mining industry and a disciplined approach to investing based on fundamental analysis. Prior to joining OCIM, Elena was responsible for the mining investments of Meridian Equity Partners, and before that she was portfolio co-manager of the Scipion Mining and Resources Fund. Elena began her career as a mining analyst with T. Hoare & Co., a stockbroker since acquired by Canaccord Europe, and trained as a mining investment banker with ABN AMRO Bank. After a traditional engineering cursus, she earned her PhD in mining and environmental engineering from the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College London. Elena passionately promotes the role of the mining industry as a key driver of economic prosperity, technological innovation and global transformation. Elena embraces challenges wholeheartedly and approaches her business relationships with determination.

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