OCIM closes a US$ 5 Million Prepaid Gold Purchase Agreement with TRX Gold
Ocim Metals & Mining SA (“OCIM”) is pleased to announce the closing of a prepaid gold purchase deal in the amount of US$ 5 million with TRX Gold Corporation (TSX: TNS; NYSE: TRX)....
Prepayment financing: a mutually beneficial arrangement... Under certain conditions!
Mining is a unique industry in many ways. For one thing, it is highly capital intensive, requiring heavy investment and a significant amount of cash to operate on a daily basis. It also entails a set very distinct operating cycles, each phase of which has its own specific economic and financial chal...
OCIM grants AuVert a first round of financing as a Prepayment for Gold and Platinum
Ocim Precious Metals SA is pleased to announce the signature of an alternative financing arrangement via prepayment of gold and platinum totaling USD 2.5 million with AuVert Columbia SAS and Ulloa Recursos Naturales SAS....
PlanetGOLD: looking ahead to 2025
Building on a successful first round, the international program is moving to the second phase of deployment, notably with an expansion of its activities to eight new countries. ...
OCIM appoints Kurt Breede as Technical Director Metals and Mining
Ocim Precious Metals SA is pleased to announce the appointment of the company’s new Technical Director Metals and Mining, Kurt Breede....
Silver, a class of it’s own
As one of the seven metals of antiquity, silver played a pivotal role throughout human evolution. Like gold and copper, silver occurs in the elemental form in nature, and it was used as one of the first primitive forms of money. Over time, as knowledge and technologies evolved, silver lent itself t...